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SoulChef - Instrumentals After Dark (2016)

A 15 Track Collection of SoulChef Instrumentals for your listening pleasure:



Part Time Cooks & SoulChef - 7:30 (2016)

"7:30" The first full length album from Part Time Cooks and SoulChef has arrived and it's available everywhere! Mad love to everybody for all the love you've showed us during the making of this project. This is for you! Available at:






Nieve & SoulChef - Sunflower In The Sunlight (2016)

The New Album by California MC Nieve and New Zealand producer SoulChef. Smooth Rhymes and Dope Beats. Jazz, Hiphop & Soul.



SoulChef - Good Vibes (2015)

After numerous months of hard work, SoulChef releases a brand new LP " Good Vibes " on Delicieuse Records.Taking us back to the classics, Soulchef shines a new and personal light on hip hop : the result is positive, groovy and true to its initial roots.

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Gabriel Teodros & SoulChef - Evidence Of Things Not Seen (2014)

Evidence Of Things Not Seen Is a new collaborative album by Gabriel Teodros & SoulChef. It features guest spots from Jonathan Emile, Shakiah & Sarah MK, and was completely recorded with a mobile studio at various locations around Seattle, WA; Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC. and was entirely produced, mixed & mastered by SoulChef (in Auckland, New Zealand), The brilliant artwork you see above was done by Masood Tahir (in London, UK)..


1.Trans-African Highway Part 2
2.Bus Stops
4.After Dark (featuring Jonathan Emile)
5.30 Something, Hella Single
6.Light Attracts Light & Everything Else Too
7.Greeny Jungle (featuring Shakiah)
8.Little Things
9.Outside Looking In
10.Black Love (featuring Sarah MK)
11.Letter To Our Unborn
12.All In

Gabriel Teodros & SoulChef - Greeny Jungle (ft. Shakiah) (Official Video)

Seattle-based Ethiopian-American rapper Gabriel Teodros and New Zealand producer SoulChef share the music video for Greeny Jungle, a marimba-sampling highlight off their joint Evidence Of Things Not Seen LP.The powerful visuals for the single, directed by Scott Macklin & Eric Miller, feature Teodros and fellow Seattle MC Shakiah marching and performing alongside Seattles January Black Lives Matter protests in reaction to the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and countless others.

Gabriel Teodros & SoulChef - Black Love (featuring Sarah MK)(Official Video)

Black Love is a collaborative project between NSOROMMA, Gabriel Teodros, Sarah MK and Shimby, an emerging diasporic Ethiopian filmmaker. Shot over a few days on a 16mm camera the raw footage was completely hand edited, with no digital enhancements, and experimented on by the filmmaker using, among other things, dyes created from roses, frankincense and sage.

SoulChef - Classics (2013)

SoulChef has released a new album on Goon Trax Records titled "Classics" a 16 track compilation album. Available Now on iTunes & Amazon


1. Eyes Like Blue Skies (feat. Need Not Worry)
2. Franki Valli (feat. The Outfit)
3. Drifting In A Daydream (feat. Need Not Worry)
4. When I Close My Eyes (feat. Tunji)
5. Bad Bad Whiskey (feat. Home Brew)
6. California (feat. Nieve & Tunji)
7. Breathless (feat. Hy-Definition)
8. Tonight (feat. Deep Foundation & Ashley Robles)
9. How We Do (feat. Nieve & Ine)
10. Say Somethin’ (feat. Nieve, Noah King, Adub, & Tunji)
11. Proud of Me (feat. Nieve & Marie)
12. Dreams (feat. Need Not Worry & Ine)
13. Hope (Marie, Nieve, & Noah King)
14. Never Been in Love Like This (feat. Noah King, Nieve, Adub, & Tunji)
15. Blind Man See (feat. The 49ers)
16. Sentimentally Madd (feat. Need Not Worry)

SoulChef - Food for Thought (2013)

SoulChef returns with new album - Food For Thought, The 11 track strong album deals with a diverse theme, all justifying the title. 'Food For Thought' takes you across the conscious, uplifting and difficult journey of dealing with everyday struggles, mentally, physically and emotionally. Bringing both familiar and new faces to the album, SoulChef continuously gives justice to genre that is, Hip Hop. Featuring artists such as; Gabriel Teodros, Nieve, Noah King, Awon, Luck One, Need Not Worry, Raiza Biza, & Reach.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by SoulChef. Artwork and design by Masood Tahir


1. Renegade Soldier (feat. Noah King)
2. Sounds of My City II (feat. Luck One)
3. Cheers (feat. Awon)
4. The Voice Inside (feat. Nieve)
5. You Too (feat. Need Not Worry & Carla Waye)
6. Black Love (feat. Gabriel Teodros & Sarah MK)
7. Dollar a Dougie (feat. Trace Blam)
8. When I Sleep (feat. Reach)
9. Let Me Do Me (feat. Awon)
10. Indiglow (feat. Ed Rowe)
11. In 3D (feat. Raiza Biza & DJ Venum)

(Click image to purchase)

KRBL Rebel Radio LP (2013)

The debut album by KRBL REBEL RADIO is now available.
Los Angeles Emcee's; Nieve, Noah King, and A-dub, alongside New Zealand producer SoulChef. Raw, Classic, Undeniably good HipHop.

You can purchase the album here: KRBL Rebel Radio LP


1. Dust
2. The Beast
3. Say Somethin'
4. Who Knows
5. Never Been In Love Like This
6. Are You My Papa?
7. Real Hip Hop
8. If I Could Do It All Over
9. Hope
10.The Dream Is Over
11.Finally Home
12.Rebel Radio

KRBL Rebel Radio - Dust (Official Video)

New video "Dust" from the upcoming self-titled album from KRBL Rebel Radio.
Track produced by SoulChef with Vocals by Noah King & Nieve

Cult Classic Records - Friends & Family 2

11 May 2013

New SoulChef Single "On & On" featured on the latest compilation album from Cult Classic Records "Friends & Family 2" The Track features vocals by Emcee Landon Wordswell

Download the track for FREE here: SoulChef - On & On (Feat. Landon Wordswell)

SoulChef "The Collection Vol. 1"

25 Jan 2013

"The Collection Vol.1"

A Collection of various SoulChef Instrumentals created over the past year for your listening pleasure. Enjoy


4.These Lonely Nights
5.Proud Of Me
7.Rising Sun
8.Your Life
9.The Rain
11.Through My Mind

Praverb - The Social Network
(Prod. by SoulChef) (Digi-Single)

April 2013

Technological advancements have made it easier for humans to interact with one another. The Social Network provides various pathways for people to send and share information. This Digi-Single captures the creativity of Virginia emcee Praverb and New Zealand based beatsmith Soulfchef. Ironically the two met via a Social Networking site (Facebook). The actual song features the precision scratching ability of Dj Grazzhoppa (Belgium). This Digi-Single features the original song, the Acapella version (for all the beatmakers out there), the Instrumental (for all the emcees), and the instrumental version with the cuts.

Free Download:

"The Social Network (Digi-Single)"

Raiza Biza - 7th Floor
(Prod. by SoulChef)

April 1 2013

Raiza Biza is a young rapper based in Hamilton/Auckland. His lyrics are often reflective and introspective, and accompanied by soulful jazz-influenced instrumentals. The Raiza Biza story is one of a young immigrant trying to adjust and find his place in a new land. Here is the single "7th Floor" taken from the 2013 album "Summer"
Raiz Biza & SoulChef also worked together previously on Raiza Biza's debut "Dream Something" with the song - Thorns & Roses Featuring Amanda Djo

Hy-Definition "The Voices"

13 Sept 2012

Hip-Hop duo, Hy-Definition (Producer SoulChef and Lyricist K.Wiz), present their latest project "The Voices".

The Voices pays homage to five distinguished artists who have inspired Hy-Definition's sound. The music of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, David Ruffin, Michael Jackson, and Selena represent the dichotomy between talent and tragedy. Each Song on the EP is sampled from these 5 legends. These artists were all taken from us before their time and all we have left are their voices their recordings.

The Voices is produced entirely by SoulChef who lays down the foundation with Soul Sampled, boom bap beats. While K.wiz expresses through lyrical wizardry about family, life, self reflection, music and future hopes. Featurings by Nieve, Noah King, Trace Blam and Marie add the finishing touches by adding a bit of contrast to K.wiz's Vocals.

We will all leave this earth one day, yet the captured memories will remain forever. Remember The Voices.

You can get the EP for free Here: Download Hy-Definition "The Voices"

Hy-Definition "Proud Of Me/Higher Ground"

Here is the official video for "Proud Of Me/Higher Ground" from the EP - The Voices.
Video filmed & directed by Sahba Sanai & Lewa Pertl
Edited by Sahba Sanai

Nieve Feat. Tunji - California (Official Video)

14 May 2013

Here is the official video for "California" by Nieve Feat. Tunji & Produced by SoulChef

Home Brew

8 May 2012

SoulChef's production is featured on the latest release from the Home Brew Crew (NZ) with the song "Bourbon & Coke". Home Brew Crews highly anticipated album has made its debut at #1 in the NZ top 40 music chart, the first local #1 hiphop debut since Scribe's The Crusader in 2003.
iTunes Link: Home Brew on iTunes

Marchitect & SoulChef Present...Passport (LP)

19 March 2012

From opposite sides of the world, Marchitect & SoulChef bring you "Passport"
A collection of experiences from the lives of the artists retold in rhythmic and melodic form.
The album is entirely produced by Soulchef featuring guest appearances from artists
Jas Mace, Frankito, and Mr. Winston.
Click Here to Purchase: Marchitect & SoulChef - Passport

SoulChef - Here & Now (LP)

22 December 2011

New Zealand producer SoulChef is due to release his 3rd LP on indie label Bluebottle Records. Through his Soul-infused, nostalgic and Raw production SoulChef has accumulated a small following in the underground and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. With 2 releases under his belt showcasing 2 different sounds, SoulChef Fuses them together to create the sound in "Here & Now".

Many Emcee's featured on the album tell their story over Soulchefs carefully crafted beats, Need Not Worry, Nieve and SoulChefs hometown friend Homebrew make an appearance, just to name a few.

"Here & Now" is a must have for any true supporter of Hip Hop Music

Purchase The Album from itunes here:


01.Gwaan (Feat. Reach)
02.We Gon Turn it Out (Feat. Jas Mace & Internal Quest)
03.Feel Good (Feat. Ahnom, Trace Blam & Spycc)
04.How We Do (Feat. Nieve & Ine)
05.Never Been in Love Like This (Feat. Noah King, Nieve, Adub & Tunji)
06.On My Game (Feat. The Vox Merger)
07.Take (Feat. Home Brew)
08.Dreams (Feat. Need Not Worry & Ine)
09.Bless My Tongue (Feat. Thurro)
10.Only For Ent. (Feat. Awon)

SoulChef - Long Hot Summer (LP)

12 December 2011

A long hot summer is a collection of songs previously unreleased to the public as instrumentals. Many of the songs may seem familiar as you may have heard them on previous collaborations. this gift to you will warm you in the cold winters and chill you out in that long hot summer....Free Download!

Download: SoulChef - Long Hot Summer


July 2011

SoulChef's production is featured on the Debut Album from New Zealand Hip-hop Collective @Peace with the songs "My World" & "Be Like"
Tom Scott, Lui Tuiasau, El Truento, Dick Darstedly & B Haru form the hip hop collective known as @Peace. Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand they've recently garnered attention from numerous radio stations, DJs, bloggers and opinion leaders at home and abroad with the release of their self-titled debut EP.
Purchase Here: @Peace

Trace Blam & SoulChef - Bottles (LP)

7 June 2011

Download/Purchase: SoulChef "Bottles" Album

Baltimore City MC Trace Blam and Producer SoulChef from New Zealand have teamed up to bring us a 10 track Hip Hop banger called "Bottles" released independantly by the two through Bandcamp. Hip-hop in its purest form.

You can purchase the album here: Trace Blam & SoulChef - Bottles

Here is the official video for the Trace Blam & SoulChef song "Success"

SoulChef Production - "A New Dawn"

20 May 2011

Purchase here: "A New Dawn" on BlueBottle Records

Blue Bottle Records is a collaborative effort by producers Navid B and SoulChef. The album is a refreshing listen and has much to offer to those who have a deep appreciation for music and lyricism. The album also features Nieve, Ine, Nassim, Don Cerino, Hy-Definition, Noah King, Gusto, and Marie.

01. Ine & Jas Mace - H20 V.2
02. Nassim & Jas Mace - Sunshine
03. Gusto - City Of Angels
04. Ine & Don Cerino - The Psycle
05. Navid B - East To West
06. Ine - Pictures On The Wall
07. Marie, Nieve & Noah King - Hope
08. SoulChef - For You
09. Nassim & Marchitect - Superhero
10. Ine - Summers Day
11. Hy-Definition - Breathless

SoulChef Production - "Musaic"

15 May 2011

Musaic is The 49ers' 4th studio album and is released through Libyus Music. The album features production by SoulChef, LEMS, Think Twice, Hiro aka Melodiverse, Funtasma, and Marchitect. It has many guest features as well, such as special appearances by 2mo'Key, Ray Law, Roshi, Tribeca, DJ Chika, DJ Slice, DJ Yasu, Robert Maletick, Acharu, Thurro, and Hajar.

1. Intro - Produced by SoulChef
2. Brother's Keeper - Produced by SoulChef
3. Do You Know (Feat. DJ Slice) - Produced by SoulChef
4. I Wish - Produced by Hiro a.k.a Melodiverse / Co-produced by Jas Mace for JASON Society Productions
5. We're Live (Feat. DJ Yasu) - Produced by SoulChef
6. We Get Drunk - Produced by SoulChef
7. Another 49 Hours - Produced by Marchitect for Marcus Slade Music
8. In The Zone (Feat. 2Mo'key & DJ Chika) - Produced by SoulChef
9. Every Body Needs Somebody - Produced by Think Twice
10. I Don't Know Why (Feat. Hajar & Thurro) - Produced by SoulChef
11. Dreamin' - Produced by SoulChef
12. More Than Friends - Produced by SoulChef
13. This Goes Out To You (Feat. DJ Slice, Roshi, & Ray-Law) - Produced by SoulChef
14. Reminisce (Feat. Acharu & Tribeca) - Produced by LEMS

Nieve - Playback

20 December 2010

Purchase Full Album: Nieve - Playback

"Playback" LP from Los Angeles based MC Nieve
A Classic Jazz-Inspired Hip-Hop release. Nieve seamlessly combines his smooth rap style, vivid poetic lyrics, and imaginative flow to create an uplifting and refreshing new take on todays Hip-Hop music.


1. Playback (feat. Ine)(Prod. SoulChef)
2. California (feat. Tunji)(Prod. SoulChef)
3. Just Go (Prod. SoulChef)
4. Still You Gotta Rise
5. Troubles of the Past(Prod. SoulChef)
6. There For Me(Prod. SoulChef)
7. Straight To Yo Mama (feat. Kamyar)
8. First Day
9. Revolutionary Action
10. Life's So Hard (feat. Noah King & A-Dub)
11. You Never Know(Prod. SoulChef)
12. Doin That Today
13. Blue Magic (feat. Ine)(Prod. SoulChef)
14. Ride For Me (feat. Lora Vladova)

SoulChef - Escapism LP

16 November 2010

Purchase from iTunes: SoulChef - Escapism LP on iTunes

Purchase from Amazon: SoulChef - Escapism LP on Amazon

Soulchef's Album "Escapism" released on Goontrax Records (Japan), is a release that will spread his sound across the world and show the people what Hip Hop is really about. The 16 track album 'Escapism' continues from where 'Remember When...' left us. With Features by many talented artists from around the world, from the likes of Nieve, The 49ers, Tunji and many more.

Escapism is available in iTunes stores worldwide.

The Escapism track listing is as follows:

01. Drifting In A Daydream [feat. Need Not Worry]
02. When I Close My Eyes [feat. Tunji]
03. Franki Valli [feat. The Outfit]
04. Eyes Like Blue Skies [feat. Need Not Worry]
05. Away With Me [feat. Nicholas Smalc]
06. What You Rappin' For [feat. Nieve]
07. Wanted [feat. The 49ers]
08. Say Somethin' [feat. Nieve, Noah King, Adub & Tunji]
09. Oh No [feat. Hydroponikz]
10. I Just Wanna See [feat. KO The Knockout]
11. Tonight [feat. Deep Foundation & Ashley Robles]
12. First Class [feat. Nicholas Smalc]
13. Blunt Love [feat. The Black Sunn]
14. Write This Down [feat. Nieve]
15. The Rest Of My Life [feat. Awon & Tif The Gift]
16. Blind Man See [feat. The 49ers]

SoulChef - "Remember When..." LP

29 October 2010

FREE Download: SoulChef - "Remember When..." LP

SoulChef's release "Remember When..." takes a look back at the yesteryear of hip hop. His soulfully jazzy approach at production is mixed with live instruments and complimented by a talented line-up of artists who help paint his picture. This 10 track album is a nostalgic look at the fundamental Hip Hop we all originally fell in love with.

The track listing is as follows:

01. How To Maintain [feat. The Vox Merger]
02. Lost [feat. Don Cerino and Ine]
03. Remember When [feat. Trace Blam]
04. Sentimentally Madd [feat. Need Not Worry]
05. Grown [feat. Hydroponikz]
06. Good Music [feat. Jo Well]
07. Unprecedented [feat. Unknown Suspect]
08. Just Do It [feat. Awon and Tif The Gift]
09. K.M.A. [feat. The 49ers]
10. Never Too Late [feat. Unknown Suspect]